Road maintenance division

EMSA inception in 2010, the development of this new division, to provide new complementary product lines and solutions for maintenance and road maintenance, both for maintenance of roads / airports in winter times (salt spreaders / fluxes, leaves / wedges, dynamic milling), and for conservation for the rest of year (equipment cleaning / sweeping hincapostes, teams clearing, etc. ..), enabling us to meet the additional needs of many of our customers.

Download “Catalog of road maintenance”

Winter maintenance equipment. Snow plows, salt spreaders and brine, leaves and wedges, milling snow.
Cleaning. Self-propelled and towed sweepers. Multifunction Equipment.
Piling Equipment poles. Safety gates and Photovoltaics.
Clearing Tasks. Shredders and Crushers for tractor. Used by radio.
Self, After Sales Service, Flexible Solutions and Maintenance Contracts