Servicio post-venta

In this new Division of Road Maintenance, while having many similarities with other machinery for conservation and maintenance of roads, which EMSA markets for over 20 years, has created a special division formed by human equipment parts and service, professional and specialists in this type of machinery, needs both in winter and other seasons. In this way the customer is always contact with a person skilled in the Division of EMSA corresponding to your team.

Our differential element having its own service with national coverage, with more than 25 vehicles own after-sales service and support and supplement our local dealers and authorized workshops, allows us to ensure that interventions are teams carried out with professionalism, speed and efficiency that our customers demand and we demand EMSA.

Flexible Solutions (Equipment Rental, Used Machinery, Displayed)

Within the concept Flexible Solutions, EMSA offers its customers a range of options that allow you to adapt today to their equipment requirements and solutions, which include:

• EQUIPMENT RENTAL: EMSA, within the new Division of Road Maintenance, additionally has a fleet of rental equipment, which are primarily intended for conducting special applications where there is a limited supply in the market and allows EMSA help clients meet their specific needs or working tips.

This park helps turn EMSA to make holiday spot for those customers who temporality of the work and the need for special equipment not available in its machinery, they are more efficient rent your purchase.

• USED EQUIPMENT: You have a wide range of machinery used, allows us to offer our customers alternative solutions to a new computer or a cottage by equipment used, but modern and in perfect working condition, and a significant cost savings compared Brand new equipment.

Also, if the client requests, EMSA provides the ability to deliver the equipment by state asking us, from a full review of it, until fully repaired, painted and fully revised. Complementary to EMSA can help clients locate the machine you need, search mediantesu national / international level. EMSA has extensive experience in supplying equipment to companies located worldwide.

• SHOWS: Additionally, EMSA provides a number of units, usually on new models and brands, for demonstrations to our customers. These demonstrations are coordinated with the staff and Technical dpto.comercial, and are usually carried out by operators / technicians EMSA.

Maintenance Contracts

By special factors surrounding the world of road maintenance, EMSA offers its customers Maintenance Contracts on all computers, both preventive as integral, even with the possibility of technical assistance 24/7, and the presence of a technical Specializing in a maximum time of 5 hours. To perform mounts and modifications to equipment and vehicles, EMSA has already reached agreements with companies and specialists in this field workshops that allow both a professional assemblies, such as greater customer proximity, to perform these processes.