EMSA, new exclusive importer of cars to Spain drilling Furukawa

furukawa-acuerdo-emsafurukawa-emsaIn September 2011, EMSA has entered into an agreement for the distribution of cars drilling Furukawa Japanese group, which is the manufacturer of cars from the world’s oldest drilling over 130 years of experience in machinery for quarrying and mining. Furukawa currently offers 5 models of cars, both tophammer as DTH, that cover most applications of these teams in Spain. Currently, Furukawa, has more than 25 equipment supplied to major customers drilling in Spain, in addition to its strong presence in hammers.


It all started in 1875 when the mine opened Furukawa copper Kusakura. Obtaining the mineral always required new and specific solutions that would improve production. For this reason, in 1900, Furukawa began manufacturing its own tools for mining, the result was a higher level of mine production. Inadvertently, this decision Furukawa had laid the foundations for a new high-tech concern. Soon, the results obtained with the manufacture of its own machinery created a demand for similar machines in other mines. To be able to meet these requests, Furukawa began to spread its activities in various divisions. In 1918, Furukawa Mining Company was founded in 1920 and Furukawa Electric company. Later in 1961, Furukawa Rock Drill born in response to the worldwide demand for the machines that were initially designed for personal use. In 1971, Furukawa opened a new plant in Yoshii for manufacturing hydraulic drilling trucks and demolition equipment.
The demand for these products was so great that in 1976 a second production plant opened in Takasaki.