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Since its inception EMSA has enjoyed great recognition as a specialized company engaged in the distribution of equipment for major infrastructure, thereby being of fundamental importance to all members of our organization after sales service.

The constant technological evolution and require highly specialized equipment EMSA supplies, makes us aware of the importance of having a team in the technical area in constant training, while developing increasingly forming our customers.

Currently EMSA after sales service has differentiated into 4 major divisions:

• Asphalt Equipment Division

• Division Earthworks Equipment, Aggregates and Recycling.

• Asphalt Plants Division.

• Road Maintenance Division.

By the nature of each division, EMSA has implemented the strategy of “Specialized Equipment By Product” in all areas of the company: From the shopping area, passing by the area of ​​parts and ending in the area of ​​service, the customer always has contact with a person skilled in the Division of EMSA corresponding to your team.

From the moment a customer provided equipment, after-sales service assumes the lead role, and this is where the difference between one supplier and another is really appreciated, and where we are convinced that many years of industry experience enable us to think that this is “THE WAY STRONGER” for companies that rely on us.

Our differential element having its own service with national coverage, with more than 25 vehicles own after-sales service and support and supplement our local dealers and authorized workshops, allows us to ensure that interventions are teams carried out with professionalism, speed and efficiency that our customers demand and we demand EMSA.

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